Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My late mother watched her “50 First Dates” DVD almost every day.

She missed her home Hawaii.

But, there was more.

I asked her once why she watched it over and over.

She told me, “I watch it, ’cause it brings me hope for you.  Drew had a mental illness, and Adam loved her anyway and helped her have a wonderful life.  You are going to have that too.”

Then, one of my painful struggles was with my Bipolar Disorder.  I didn’t believe I would find someone who would see beyond my severe mental complexities and really see me let alone love me.

She passed away in the summer of 2006.

I met my  loves in 2011 and 2018.

I am so sorry she didn’t meet them.

But, I plan to have my friend play a song from the soundtrack… Izzy’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” at the wedding.



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