My New Youtube Channel!

So excited! It will be a day to day project of me planning my wedding and providing support for other folks planning… Right now, I have two videos. One is a talent search looking for the walk down the aisle serenade. The other is how to do an astronomical wedding on a budget with a […]

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My late mother watched her “50 First Dates” DVD almost every day. She missed her home Hawaii. But, there was more. I asked her once why she watched it over and over. She told me, “I watch it, ’cause it brings me hope for you.  Drew had a mental illness, and Adam loved her anyway […]

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Introducing “Wedding Support”

Thank you so much for reading my note! And, congratulations and best wishes in your wedding planning! As I started the planning for my own non-traditional wedding, I found that a lot of wedding sites and groups were filled with folks selling things instead of really celebrating love. So, I created a space for folks to […]

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Some Love Thoughts

(We decided to do love recitations instead of vows.) (A Work In Progress) Thank you for letting me in. Thank you for loving me. When I am sad, you always express your empathy for me and ask how you may help.  You taught me how to a better comfort to others.  You know how much […]

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Commitment and Confirmations

The state has always hated me and other brown, queer, poor, disabled women like me. Oddly, I have the unconditional love of so many people during a place and time of such extreme white supremacist rape culture. Today, I resisted by seeking more community and making plans for a loving future. Today, Brett Kavanaugh was […]

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and so….

“I have to talk to you, but I am afraid you will leave me…” And, so began my conversation with my love about my engagement to my other love. He was happy for me and for us.  

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